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Fecha: 19 May
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cartelOne year more, the School of Art ” San Telmo ” takes part in the Malaga Festival of Women´s views and looks at it with a feminine language and in plural. Once again, the students have worked on concepts such as equality, respect, gender, etc. leading to a study of the role of women in art history and society. Therefore, we build awareness to create a vision free of any prejudices which resembles in number of projects in works with clay, video art and photography and may create a discourse about women and their body.
We love to see you at the opening that takes place on March 6 at 18:30 in the exhibition hall of the School of Art ” San Telmo ” in Malaga .

Videoarte: Alba Moreno & Eva Grau
Photography: Maribel Aguilar, Natalia Cardoso, Fran Carnero, Irene Gube, Sandra Marín, Miriam Márquez, Sandra Mirey, Ana Montaño, Montse Moreno, Dámaris Pérez, Loli Racero, Mario Tello, María Jesús Zayas.
Fotoinstalation: Irene Ulzurrun de Asanza y Mariella van der Rijst
Ceramic Art: Gregory Allais, Mª Carmen Medialdea Santisteban.
We wait for you!