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The Advanced Design Studies are equivalent to the University studies , within the Spanish and European level the form part of the Higher Art Education. They are regulated by the Education Law 2/2006, of 3 May and statewide developed by Royal Decree 1614/2009.
This level of education lasts for four courses, where in 1st and 2nd training base designers are made and although specialization begins at first. It is in the later courses where the level of expertise is progressively increased.
The Advanced Design Studies adapt to the European credit system ETCS , regulated by Royal Decree 1125/2003 of 5 September, by which the European credit system and grading system established in the official university degrees. In this unit of measure theoretical and practical teaching and other academic activities, including the hours of study and work that the student must perform to achieve the characteristics of each of the specialty training skills are integrated.
Los titulados obtienen las competencias suficientes para realizar trabajos técnicos y creativos propios de su perfil profesional, de forma autónoma, o bien asumir responsabilidades de dirección, planificación, organización y coordinación.

Graduates earn enough to own technical skills and creative works of their professional profile, independently or take responsibility for management, planning, organization and coordination.
The university equivalency certification of Advanced Design Studies allows the student upon completion, the realization of the Masters and the possibility of graduate studies at the doctoral level.
Another important factor to consider in the field of Higher Education Design is the mobility of European students within the space through student exchange programs such as Erasmus.


In the School of Art San Telmo we define the Vocational Training Professionals Art and Design as medium and higher studies.
Both are nationally regulated by Royal Decree 596/2007, May 4 on the general organization of vocational education in fine arts and design (BOE 25/05/2007), as and when our center is dependent on the Ministry of Education of the Junta de Andalucía, our titles are tailored to Decree 326/2009 of 15 September, on the general organization of vocational education in fine arts and design in Andalusia (29-09 BOJA set – 2009).

The Vocational Training Intermediate Level:

Training cycles Intermediate Arts Schools aim to train students in a practical way, the knowledge and skills necessary to be able to enter the workforce.
This technical and practical training leading to a degree of media, at a current and future level, preparing for middle management tasks. Graduates gain the necessary skills to perform their own technical work of the profession.
After completion, the student will obtain the title of Technician of Art and Design will also allow you to access the Bachelor degree.

Vocational Training Top Gra:

Students studying any of the Training Higher Vocational School of Art ” San Telmo ” obtain after completion the title of Upper Technician in Plastic Arts and Design, with all effects equivalent with qualifications of Advanced Vocational Training .
Our titles are inserted within the scope of the (non-university) post-compulsory secondary teachings, which enable to work, either independently or integrated in a company or in the fields that are developed in our center. These studies focus especially on students with the bachelor’s degree as an alternative to college, seek a higher education that qualify to join the workforce in the Visual Arts , Design and Image Industry.
The qualifications of the Higher Level Training Cycles allow access to higher education of Design, either through the reserve of 20 % of the positions offered or by conducting the entrance examination.
They can also serve as a gateway to the university directly through the average score or by increasing the specific grades performing the special entrance examination.


In the School of Art “San Telmo” the Bachelor is taught in the form of fine arts and design. Like other schools that exist in the network of public schools in the Junta de Andalucía, we are governed by Royal Decree 1467/2007 of 9 November and the Decree 416/2008 of 22 July, that establish and manage the teaching corresponding to the School in Andalusia.
Upon completion of this school, we guide the students to continue their education in our centre through advanced studies of Design or through training in our Arte formation. Additionally, this school provides access to University.