// Study in San Telmo

1. Public education – Quality and tuition free.

San Telmo is a public institution that depends on the Andalucian state and sets a benchmark in quality and free education within our community.

2. Experience of more than 160 years.

In all those years and even today, the school has managed to reinvent itself and adapt to the needs demanded from society.

3. Internships.

San Telmo has a close relationship with the business environment of our city so that all senior students perform an internship in companies.

4. Expertise.

Our educational model commitment to specialization as the best way to prepare for the professional world.

5. Employment.

Specialized training and our prestige among the various professional sectors, allow a high rate of job placement of our students.

6. Educational offer

Ranging from higher education (equivalent to University Degree), advanced and medium studies until the Bachelor of Arts Degree

7. Customized

The classes and workshops are reduced in order to bring better and full attention of the teachers directly to all students.

8. Infrastructure.

San Telmo offers specialized workshops for decoration, fashion design or wood carving, photography studios and labs, computer rooms with pc and MAC generation. In addition to conference and event spaces, you find an exhibition hall and other spaces tailored to each one of our specialties.

9. Highly motivated and qualified teachers.

More than 60 professionals that make up the staff and faculty of San Telmo with extensive teaching experience and a career path that guarantees the quality of teaching.

10. Diverse Students.

The real engine of San Telmo is a diverse group of students generating an exciting exchange of experiences and knowledge.

11. Location.

Our campus is located within the centre of Málaga, next to the historic city center, which is the artistic, cultural and entertainment part of Malaga.