// San Telmo Pottery at Victoria Health Center

Fecha: 19 May
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We just finisched to inaugurate an exposition in the Victoria Health Centre with pottery pieces made by students in the higher Ceramic Course of the Art School San Telmo .

This exhibition is part of the collaboration for years performed with the Health Center in order to make things easier when the patients are visiting and it gives a ” different feel ” to the Health Center . The exhibits are four Totems , with decoration inspired by the American artist Keith Haring. Each of the pieces have been performed by a different group of students and have names such as ” Keith Haring visits Greece “, ” How good feels a fresh Coke in hell”, ” The festiva of the Gods” and “Evolutionary Revolution”. Professor Ana Maria Ramirez says that the arts on a technical level are made with Majolica grog paste from the Vicar house, decorated with slips and bisque burned at 960 ° C.
You can find more details in the blog at http://blog.ceramicasantelmo.es/
The Health Centre Victoria is in C/ Chaves, S/N 29013 Málaga.