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19 May / Fans of Colors in San Telmo

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We exhibit in the art school “san telmo” AIRS OF CÁDIZ, a collection of spanish fans called “abanicos” made in the art school of cadiz by students of the medium grade “abaniquería”. This specialty contains within the department of applied arts en relation to clothing and it is the only existing one in all of spain.

It is the first time to be set out in our city after being exhibited at the Art School of Cadiz in the Grimaldi hall.

Each fan implies a great craftsmanship from the base (wood linkage) to the stitching and finishing, all is done entirely by hand.
Also note that all fans are functional and have been created with references to such diverse elements as the textures of nature, organics, arabesque , etc. .
Professor Rosa Pastrana highlights the influence of the wildest nature in the embodiment of those fans and clarifies that students that departed from photographs of rocks, cliffs and gorges. We show both fans as mixed deck.
We show mixed fans as well as the BARAJA

The MIXED fans have a “country” fabric and sewn with nylon thread rods.

The compounds are of BARAJA are just sewn stitching thread Nylon.

We thank Rosa Pastrana , master during the workshop “Abaniquería” in Cadiz for her involvement in this exhibition and for her cordiality and imagination to bring out the wonderful works of art which are the fans of this show.

The exhibition will be at the entrance of the School of Art ” San Telmo ” in the area Off until 22 October.

19 May / Good cause against gender violence

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The school of art “San Telmo” collaborate in this class for the GOOD CAUSE AGAINST GENDER VIOLENCE . This campaign which begins its vii edition is coordinated and directed by the association without profit “AL SUR” . Thanks for their collaboration to the “college of lawyers” and the andalusian institue of younth, the participation of the city of malaga , the democratic federation of parents of students FDAPA , the andalusian institute for women and the foundation novasoft and cajamar . Sponsort by: El Corte Inglés y El Observador.

We have started a theater work shop. The presentation was actor Antonio Guerrero, with the intention that bachelor students will appoint themselves. The workshop, took place during the month of May and ended with a play that reflects the subject of gender violence. We hoped for a good participation of our students, but we overcame our perspectives with a total of 68 students participating.

We hope that during the course different students of all classes offered by the School become involved in this activity, as the students with trendy clothes, display design, furnishing and decoration with the scenery and also with other specialties such as graphic design, ceramics, photography or pottery holding exhibitions at different sites of the city where they reflect the central theme of the campaign to be aware and against gender violence.

19 May / Exhibition Inauguration We Sneakers

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Thursday, September 19th at 18:30h we open the showroom at our school of art exhibition for “WE SNEAKERS”, organized by STAFF MAGAZINE and we will see the different influences of various artists have made the shoes vans.


Some of the artists you’ll find in this group are:
Gabriel Rey, Hauptmell, Ignorancia, Visual Warriors, Sustorm, Davilock Medina, LeBufon, Elfo, Alex Castañeda, Ruben Nation00, La Princesita, Moockie, Boris Hoppek, Rough Attitude, Inocuo, Fosforo, Pupas, Rocio Cañero, Eduardo Bertone, 3TT Man, Cisco Espinar, Lee Hun Deok, Brian Flynn, Asterik Studio, Xnographics, Splik, Flow, Laura Chillida, MurOne, Sabotaje Al Montaje, Juan Jose García, Juan Sierra, Mosaik, Ram, Cant Naked Surf, Rubenimichi, Sam3, Eduardo Bertone, Martín Bochicchio, Suso33, Inocuo, Dani Rubio, Rubén Sánchez, Musa, Rafael Ricoy, Jesús Navarro, Óscar Jiménez, Juana, Pupas, Asia X, Laia, Dr. Slurp, Ander Martínez, Santi Rodríguez, Cristo Aleister, Dibone, Kapi, Lolo, etc…

From the San Telmo Art School the follwoing students and teachers participate: Cristina Segura, Elena Segura, Juan Francisco Fuentes, Cristina Díaz, Cayetano Romero, Diego Carrasquilla, Pablo Rodríguez, Diego López, etc.

The opening will be accompanied by music of FOREVERNESS (LE PETIT)

You are all invited.