// Good cause against gender violence

Fecha: 19 May
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The school of art “San Telmo” collaborate in this class for the GOOD CAUSE AGAINST GENDER VIOLENCE . This campaign which begins its vii edition is coordinated and directed by the association without profit “AL SUR” . Thanks for their collaboration to the “college of lawyers” and the andalusian institue of younth, the participation of the city of malaga , the democratic federation of parents of students FDAPA , the andalusian institute for women and the foundation novasoft and cajamar . Sponsort by: El Corte Inglés y El Observador.

We have started a theater work shop. The presentation was actor Antonio Guerrero, with the intention that bachelor students will appoint themselves. The workshop, took place during the month of May and ended with a play that reflects the subject of gender violence. We hoped for a good participation of our students, but we overcame our perspectives with a total of 68 students participating.

We hope that during the course different students of all classes offered by the School become involved in this activity, as the students with trendy clothes, display design, furnishing and decoration with the scenery and also with other specialties such as graphic design, ceramics, photography or pottery holding exhibitions at different sites of the city where they reflect the central theme of the campaign to be aware and against gender violence.