// Facilities

San Telmo infrastructure is ready to meet our educational project that combines conceptual and technical training. Also, in San Telmo the training is completed with exhibitions, conferences and other events that take place in the premises of the School facilities.


  • Two classrooms of production with 15 sewing machines, one industrial sewing machine, loopers, busts of various sizes and irons.
  • Two full photo labs with own studio
  • A laboratory fully equipped for audiovisual equipment, video cameras, illumination, MAC computers, Cañon projector and screen.
  • A laboratory for materials and construction technology as well as for illumination.
  • A classroom for workshops casting molds and reproductions.
  • Two classrooms equipped for ceramic workshops, with oven, lathes and a laboratory.
  • Enameled classroom, spray gun and enamel booth.
  • Two classrooms for wood carving workshops.
  • Two classrooms for gold and polychrome workshops.
  • One classroom for shop window and display design.
  • One classroom for workshops about building materials

Lecture halls

  • Six lecture halls for computer media fully equipped with PC and MAC computers, projector, scanner and A3 printers, graphics tablets and plotter.
  • Three large lecture halls for clay works, another for paper, cardboard and polystyrene and one class for multiple purposes equipped with easels, tables, cabinets, shelves, computers, projector, screen and blackboard.
  • A lecture hall for technical drawing with blackboards, computers, projector and screen.
  • Four lecture halls for artistic drawing, one equipped with statues.
  • Five lecture halls for projects equipped with computers, projector, screen and blackboards, with posts for portable PC´s and suitable furniture.
  • A lecture hall for modeling.


  • Auditorium with 300 seats
  • Library with study areas, internet access and two large work desks.
  • Exhibition hall of 100 m2 with proper lighting.
  • Cafetería.
  • Inner courtyard of 100 m2.
  • Courtyard entrance with 300 m2 and parking for bicycles and motorbikes.
  • Lobby with 200 m2.


  • A ramp by the main entrance for disabled persons and/or wheelchair access.
  • A ramp through the rear entrance.
  • An elevator for disabled persons and/or wheelchairs.
  • No architectural barriers throughout the building.
  • Adapted toilets for men and women .