// Career

One of the features of San Telmo is its close relationship with the labor market. This allows adapting the various specialties to the demands of each of the professional sectors, aiming at the overall development of our students and their early employment.


Graphic Design and Advertising

His usual work relates to communication problems both as an internal mass of companies making ‘spots’ campaigns and ads, brand design, outdoor advertising, direct mail, editorial design, exhibition graphics, packaging design, etc..

The advertising graphic artist develops her professional work in three types of companies:

  • Advertising agencies and design studios: support the works of the art director or creative director, also works as a freelancer or consultant.
  • Various companies in the area of integrated “marketing” and advertising.
  • As a freelancer or freelance, working for agencies, public agencies, private corporations or design studios.

Artistic Photography

His work focuses, generically, to the photographic activity related to the advertising, design, fashion, social reportage, industry, science, publishing, photojournalism and art.

The professional of this level will be active:

  • As a freelancer, within any of the areas of activity in which professional photography is divided.
  • Integrating business as a photographer in those that by their operation so require (hospitals, industries, publishing, newspapers, etc..).
  • Making own projects as a free art activity.
  • Interpreting concepts of another person (or designer artistic director) through sketches, models or ideas.
  • You can also carry on business enterprises and workshops, whether public or private, related to the professional field of photography.


Professional illustrator field comprises different fields: editorial publications, advertising, graphic design, television, cinema, press and multimedia products (Edition CD’s, video games, web pages …) Due to its close relationship with them, working in Illustrator collaboration with designers, art directors, publishers and printers.

The Senior Technical Illustration can develop his work as a freelancer or integrated in a studio or company related to the world of the image.



This professional will be ready to act in the world of work in the area of window dressing and design and have power and authority to design engineering, with full capacity, projects of window design and dressing.
Projects supported very directly and conducts a thorough understanding of lighting and is well trained to placed items to display in the windows, (fabrics, clothing, etc..).

Department stores, museums and all urban sources of all cities are the main users of these technical services.


This professional will be ready to project works and Conditioning furnishing interior spaces, usually based on existing modules furniture for kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, bedrooms, shops, etc..
His work has been developed both as an autonomous professional, cooperative partner or employee or business studies, developing own projects at this level.

Proyects and Direction of decorative works

This professional will be able to plan, manage, coordinate and direct works of interior, typical of this level, as well as to manage and coordinate projects designed by higher levels. It participates projecting into direct contact with senior graduates, manages and coordinates the work of technicians and trades involved in the project. It can also work as a freelancer developing own projects at this level.

His work has been developed both as an autonomous professional, cooperative partner or employee, in studies of interior design, architecture and engineering, furniture and decoration companies, government agencies, etc..


Fashion Design and Style of clothing

Work activity professional fashion stylist , true creator who participates in the definition of new fashion trends , requires having marked artistic and communication qualities : imagination, originality , dexterity , sense of color and form, extensive knowledge of fabrics and their use , as well as a permanent social phenomena and cultural events attention.

Clothing stylist exercise their profession in the various sectors of development and production of fashion, mainly :

  • In the design departments of industry-related companies : haute couture, ” prêt – à -porter ” , sportswear , work , lingerie and swimwear , knitwear and leather.
  • As coordinator of collections.
  • Clothing stylist can exercise independently, as liberal professional or freelance capacity to develop their own style or employed .